From economy

to humanity

Alexandr Kliucharev-Foy

Parliament Candidate 2019

Uusimaa Region

About me

Hi, my name is Alexandr Kliucharev-Foy. I'm thirty, living in Espoo and raising a sven years old boy. I'm a professional event organiser, social work student and influencer. Originally from Azerbaijan, but with roots in both Eastern and Western Europe as well. My hobbies include volunteer work, non-fiction literature, family life, football and judo.

Integration policy, social work and leadership form the core of my expertise. My strengths are determination and sticking to the facts. I'm the chairman of two associations and otherwise actively engaged in questions related to the society's development. I dare to think broadly and creatively, yet keeping it scientific. I do only what I'm good at and what I believe in. To be able to develop new, humane and working policies for Finland's integration and welfare we'll need exactly that kind of skills and personal traits.



1. Integration

• Simplified validation for foreign diplomas and certificates

• Citezenship exam that covers Finland's culture, history and juridical principles

• According to their ability asylum seekers should have an access to the job market and TE-services, especially in the fields with labour shortage

2. Senior citizens friendly society

• Creation of the elderly ombudsman office at the national level
• Segregation of senior citizens has to end. We have to build bridges between generations with the help of co-operation connecting kindegartens, pre-shools and elderly homes, just like in many other countries

• Investments in family members' increasing particiapation in their elderly's life, as well as the care taker compensation's handover to Kela


3.  Nursing and care

• Nursing guarantee has to be improved with people getting treatment faster and without long queues
• Working and effective nursing has to be available in one's own native language

• Everyone who can't live at their own home any longer should be provided with a new home-like alternative. That's why the number of supported appartments has to be sufficient


Your voice is important! Give it to a Finland where everyone is doing well.